Unique Ways to Enjoy SF at Night

Looking for a new way to enjoy SF? There are plenty of cool things to do in San Francisco! Check out these unique late-night San Francisco activities in our curated list of local recommendations divided by neighborhood:


It is famous for stunning views of the Bay Bridge and the iconic Ferry Building. There are so many waterfront attractions that you can enjoy listed below.

5 Best San Francisco Night Activities in Embarcadero

  1. Walk through Embarcadero and see the outstanding lights of the Bay Bridge. 
  2. Ferry Building is a 100-year-old terminal that is a paradise for wine lovers and has plenty of gourmet foods. The ferry closes at 10 PM and most shops close at 7 PM (Monday to Friday), 6 PM (Saturday), and 5 PM (Sunday).
  3. Exploratorium is one of the coolest museums in San Francisco. There are more than 600 interactive activities to be explored related to science, arts, and technology. At Gallery 5 you can grab drinks and food. Every Thursday night they host “After Dark” from 6-10 PM where you can have food and drinks. Tickets: $19.95. Age: 18+. Address: Pier 15 Embarcadero at, Green St. 
  4. Watch the Giants baseball game at Oracle Park surrounded by beautiful views of San Francisco. Address: 24 Willie Mays Plaza. You can buy the tickets online and download for free the MBL Ballpark app for digital ticketing. The average price is $74.00 and the lowest ticket price is $15.
  5. The Alcatraz Night Tour is about two hours and 30 minutes, starting at 5:55 PM. The time may vary during the holidays. You are going to see parts of the prison that are closed during the day. Address: Pier 33. Prices: Adults: $48.40. Ages 12-17: $47.35. Kids (5-11): 28.60. Seniors (62+): $45.00

3 Best Waterfront Restaurants

  1. Waterbar Restaurant
  2. La Mar Cebicheria Peruana
  3. The Waterfront Restaurant

3 Best Embarcadero Bars

  1. Fort Point Ferry Building
  2. Coqueta
  3. Pier 23 Café

Financial District

It is where most of the offices are located with gorgeous tall buildings. It has plenty of late night San Francisco activities to do. 

 4 Cool Things to Do in San Francisco’s Financial District

  1. The Escape Game: Invite some friends to have this amazing experience and work together to solve the mysteries. It has five different rooms to be chosen.
  2. Ride a Cable Car: This unique experience can be done at night and it is a great opportunity to go around San Francisco and contemplate its beauty. They have three different lines California, Powell – Hyde, and Powell – Mason.
    1. California goes through the neighborhoods Chinatown, Downtown/Civic Center, Financial District, Nob Hill, Pacific Heights and Western Addition
    2. Powell – Hyde goes through the neighborhoods Chinatown, Downtown/Civic Center, Financial District, Nob Hill, North Beach, Russian Hill, and Soma
    3. Powell – Mason goes through the neighborhoods Chinatown, Downtown/Civic Center, Financial District, Nob Hill, North Beach, Russian Hill, and Soma
  3. Transamerica Pyramid: This is one of the most famous buildings in San Francisco. Although they do not allow visitors to go inside, you walk by and see this iconic architecture even more beautiful at night.
  4. The Punch Line San Francisco: Watch a stand-up comedy and have a lot of fun. 

3 Best Financial District Restaurants

  1. Tadich Grill
  2. La Fusion
  3. Café Bastille SF

3 Best Financial District Bars

  1. San Francisco Wine Society
  2. Pagan Idol
  3. Wayfare Tavern

North Beach

It is known as “Little Italy” because of its connection with Italian immigrants who still live in the neighborhood. It has excellent restaurants, bars, and exciting nightlife.

Top 6 Activities To Do in North Beach

  1. Walk around Washington Square and come across the vibrant neighborhood (Filbert St & Stockton Street)
  2. Coit Tower: Although it doesn’t open at night, you can observe this landmark from a distance.
  3. North Beach Murals: Walk through Columbus Avenue and take pictures of the colorful murals.
  4. City Lights Bookstore: one of the most famous bookstores in the US, is considered a landmark of San Francisco.
  5. Food & History Walking Tour of North Beach: Learn from a local about the history of this neighborhood and taste the local cuisine. 
  6. Cobbs Comedy Club: Watch a stand comedy at Cobb’s comedy club.

3 Best Restaurants in North Beach

  1. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana
  2. Original Joe’s
  3. Sotto Mare

3 Best Bars in North Beach

  1. Vesuvio Cafe
  2. The Devi’ls Acre
  3. Comstock Salon


It is the oldest and the largest Chinatown in the US. It is energetic, and radiant and has many great restaurants, shops, and bars. It is part of San Francisco’s history.

Best 4 Things To Do in Chinatown

  1. Dragon Gate is Chinatown’s entrance and you will feel like you are already outside of the US (Address: 413-401 Grant Ave). Walk through it and visit some shops with interesting things. Some stores stay open until around 9-10 PM.
  2. Chinatown Alleys: Explore them and observe the colorful murals and take a look at their incredible culture.
  3. Sing along at Li Po Cocktail Lounge: One of the most famous Karaoke bars in Chinatown
  4. Food & History Walking Tour of Chinatown: Learn about the history of Chinatown and taste some of the most impactful foods!

3 Best Restaurants in Chinatown

  1. Chef Hung’s
  2. Mister Jiu’s
  3. China Live

3 Best Bars in Chinatown

  1. Comstock Saloon
  2. Mister Bing’s
  3. Buddha Lounge

Nob Hill

This popular neighborhood located in downtown San Francisco is a great place to see the most famous hotels in the city.

5 Top San Francisco Night Activities in Nob Hill 

  1. Fairmont Hotel: Visit the lobby of this luxury hotel that hosted many presidents and celebrities.
  2. Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar: Enjoy live music while watching a band playing in a floating boat in a large central lagoon. You are going to feel like you’re in a tropical forest.
  3. Grace Cathedral: considered one of the most beautiful churches in the city. Although they close at 5 pm, you can still contemplate it from outside.
  4. The Masonic: Amazing place to watch a concert or a stand-up comedy. Check their website to see what is coming up and the prices.
  5. Top of the Mark: This incredible bar has the most spectacular views of San Francisco.

3 Best Restaurants in Nob Hill

  1. Tacorea
  2. Rue Lepic French Restaurant
  3. Cordo Bleu Vietnamese Restaurant

3 Best Bars in Nob Hill

  1. Stookey’s Club Moderne
  2. Peacekeeper
  3. Hi-Lo Club

Mission Bay

New neighborhood along San Francisco Bay Area. It has plenty of restaurants, bars, and parks. 

The Best Activity in Mission Bay

Watch the Golden Gate Warriors Game at Chase Center

3 Best Restaurants in Mission Bay

  1. House of Tadu Ethiopian
  2. Bellota
  3. Miller & Lux Restaurant

3 Best Bars in Mission Bay

  1. Mission Bay Wine & Cheese
  2. The Sea Star
  3. The Seven Stills Brewery & Distillery


The Latino neighborhood is where you will find a lot of things to do. It is a busy spot, not as touristy as other neighborhoods, but it is one of our favorite places in San Francisco to experience the city.

6 Best Activities in Mission

  1. Murals: Walk around the colorful neighborhood and take some cool pictures.
  2. Urban Putt Mini Golf: Great spot for a date night or to have fun with friends.
  3. Mission Bowling Club: Open for dining, drinks, and bowling Tuesday – Sunday.
  4. The Chapel: Enjoy live music at the heart of Mission.
  5. El Valenciano: The best spot to dance Salsa.
  6. Alamo Drafhouse Cinema: Elegant movie theater where you can order drinks and food while you are watching a movie.

Best Restaurant in Mission

  1. Taqueria El Farolito
  2. Panchita’s Pupuseria Restaurant
  3. Mr. Pollo

Best Bar in Mission 

  1. Blondies
  2. The Monk’s Kettle
  3. Trick Dog


The LGBT neighborhood hosts many parades and festivals throughout the year. It is even more interesting at night, with so many options to have a lot of fun.

3 Best Activities in Castro 

  1. Castro Theater: historical landmark where you can watch a movie or just sing along.
  2. Rainbow Honor Walk: similar to the Hollywood walk of fame, you will notice pictures of famous people in the gay community because of their merits.
  3. Rainbow Stripes on the Streets: Walk along the crossroad between 18th street and Castro street.

Best Restaurant in Castro

  1. Orphan Andy’s Restaurant
  2. Frances
  3. Poesia

Best Bars in Castro

  1. Twin Peaks Tavern
  2. Blush! Wine Bar
  3. The Detour


The iconic and vibrant hippie neighborhood was the birthplace of the counterculture movement in the 60s. You can just walk around it and you will see some remaining hippies on the streets. There are many vintage stores, bars, smoke shops, restaurants, and exciting nightlife. 

6 Best Activities in Haight-Ashbury

  1. Grateful Dead House: Visit the house where this famous band from San Francisco lived
  2. Janis Joplin House
  3. Jimi Hendrix’s Red House: Called the Red House after it was painted red in the rock star’s honor.
  4. The corner of Haight and Ashbury: take a picture of this famous corner in the neighborhood
  5. Club Deluxe: Watch a live jazz band in this incredible bar
  6. California Academy of Science: The famous museum hosts on Thursday “Night Life”

Best Restaurants in Haight-Ashbury

  1. Street Taco
  2. Parada 22
  3. VeganBurg

Best Bars in Haight-Ashbury

  1. Toronado
  2. Noc Noc
  3. Gold Cane Cocktail Lounge


It is considered one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in San Francisco, surrounded by the water with stunning views of Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the Palace of Fine Arts.

Top 2 Activities in Marina

  1. Palace of Fine Arts: The lights at night around this famous landmark in the city is a must place to visit.
  2. Golden Gate Bridge: Walk around Marina Boulevard and contemplate the view of this magnificent landmark.

Best Restaurants

  1. Blackwood
  2. Roma Antica
  3. Maybeck’s

Best Bars

  1. Horseshoe Tavern
  2. Marina Lounge
  3. Bus Stop

Hayes Valley

This lively neighborhood is known for having great restaurants, bars, shops, and numerous local performing arts.

Best 6 Activities in Hayes Valley

  1. SF Ballet: See the oldest ballet company in the US!
  2. SF Symphony: Listen to the American orchestra.
  3. SF Opera: View one of their spectacular performances.
  4. SF Jazz: Listen to your favorite music artist at the all-ages music venue.
  5. Emporium Bar: This fun bar has lots of games and it is a great place to hang out with friends or bring a date.
  6. New Conservatorium Theater: it is a not-for-profit theater with high-quality productions.

Best Restaurants in Hayes Valley

  1. Souvla
  2. A Mano
  3. Suppenküche

Best Bars in Hayes Valley

  1. Linden Room
  2. Birba
  3. The Beer Hall