Top 9 Photo Spots in San Francisco

With so many streets, beaches, historical buildings, museums, and outstanding architecture soul San Francisco is offering a lot to discover and making the city one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur with a smartphone, San Francisco is offering many photo opportunities at every corner around the city. As a local expert for many years in the Bay Area, we have gathered our top favorite photo spots, scroll down below and discover our list.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks named for a pair of 922-foot-high summits, is a remote residential neighborhood with modern homes densely packed on steep lots along winding streets. A grassy 64-acre hilltop park is a popular attraction, with its hiking trails leading up to wind-swept peaks and 360-degree views of the Bay Area. The triple-pronged Sutro Tower antenna that soars over the neighborhood is a fixture in the skyline. Twin peaks is offering 360 views of San Francisco, its the best stop for panoramic photographs.

Address: 501 Twin Peaks Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94114

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is an artificial island in San Francisco and a neighborhood in the City and County of San Francisco. Built-in 1936–37 for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition, the island’s World’s Fair site is a California Historical Landmark. This is a great photo opportunity, either in daylight or in the night with a panoramic view of  the San Francisco skyline.

Address: Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge is far most the one of the best photo spots in the world with different look offerings. Visitors from all over the world come here to catch a great photo of this iconic structure that dominates the city’s landscape and character. 

Fort Point

Find a different perspective of San Francisco at the Fort Point by looking at the Golden Gate Bridge down below. It is also known as one of the best sunset spots in San Francisco.

Address: Long Ave & Marine Dr, San Francisco, CA 94129


Baker Beach

With the magic of the Pacific Ocean, Baker Beach is an ultimate photo stop in San Francisco. 

Address: Baker Beach, San Francisco, CA.

Battery Spencer 

Fort Baker 19th-century concrete battery featuring panoramic views of Golden Gate & San Francisco. This spot has the most incredible view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Address: Conzelman Rd, Sausalito, CA 94965

China Town

China town is one of the major centers in San Francisco with a Chinese architecture and design. Therefore it is one of the favorite photogenic locations and it is visited by millions of visitors every year.

Address: China Town, San Francisco, CA.

Coit Tower

Coit Tower is a popular attraction in Telegraph Hill San Francisco. As you jump up on the concrete side, you will be able to see a cool view of Lombard Street and the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a 210-foot tower, offering panoramic views over the city and the bay. The tower, in the city’s Pioneer Park, was built between 1932 and 1933 using Lillie Hitchcock Coit’s bequest to beautify the city of San Francisco. 

Address: 1 Telegraph Hill Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94133

Lombard Street

Lomart Street has been one of the most preferred locations by visitors in San Francisco for a long time. Lombard Street is an east–west street in San Francisco, California that is famous for a steep, one-block section with eight hairpin turns. Stretching from The Presidio east to The Embarcadero, most of the street’s western segment is a major thoroughfare designated as part of U.S. Route 101. 

Address: 1070 Lombard Street, San Francisco, California 94109.

Fisherman’s Wharf 

The historic Fisherman’s Wharf is also home to sea lions, is one of the most touristic places in San Francisco. While it has been one of the favorite photo spots, it is also proudly unique among the scenic waterfront attractions of the world. 

Address: 2820 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA 94133

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