7 Coffee Shops Not To Miss In San Francisco

Are you a coffee lover? and looking for fresh-brewed coffee from the beans? We know that it’s hard to find the great taste especially at this time. But don’t worry, Gray Line is here and we’ll share with you our favorite coffee shops that are offering take out during the outbreak.

Henry’s House of Coffee

If you are looking for solid Iced Coffee, it’s sold here, no-frills, slight thrill. This coffee house is established in 1965 by Henry Kalebjian who is the Master Roaster which earned over time, and becomes part of one’s reputation among peers in the industry – international coffee brokers, producers, and other roasters. Henry Kalebjian holds this distinction. But it’s the proprietary roasting process that lies at the heart of the Kalebjian family business. He roasts and blends coffee for takeout. This coffee house is located at 1618 Noriega St San Francisco, CA 94122Check it’s Instagram here.

Pick up in 10-20 mins.


Milkbean is specializing in coffee and milkshakes and their pastries baked fresh every morning! If you are on a morning walk near Lower Nob Hill, you should stop by to grab some coffee and pastries. Milkbean is also one of the most active responders to Covid19, since the starting of the outbreak they are sending coffee and food supplies to hospitals and people who need them. Milkbean is located at 881 Post St San Francisco, CA 94109Check it’s Instagram here.

The average pick up time is 20-30 mins.

Royal Ground Coffee

While there are many options for coffee on Polk St, Royal Ground Coffee is one of the good coffee shops with a quiet atmosphere. We recommend this place for anyone who wants to grab a bite with coffee and still explore the city. Royal Ground Coffee is located at 2216 Polk St San Francisco, CA 94109Check it’s Instagram here.

Pick up in 15-25 mins.

Home Coffee Roasters

Have you ever tried a birthday cake latte? Home Coffee Roasters is offering a wide selection of coffee at Outer Sunset District. While they have a creative coffee alternatives, their most selected lattes are the Rainbow and the Birthday Cake. It is located at 1222 Noriega St San Francisco, CA 94122Check it’s Instagram here.

Pick up in 5-15 mins.

Caffe Bianco

Caffe Bianco is located in the heart of the Financial District, is more elegant than the usual breakfast & lunch spot. Since they are in a busy spot with rich and smooth coffee alternatives, pick up time is usually around 30-40 mins. If you aren’t rushing your coffee, this is a great spot to try one of the richest coffee in the town. Caffe Bianco is located at 39 Sutter St San Francisco, CA 94104Check it’s Instagram here.

Luna’s Coffee House

Are you craving some mocha frappuccino? Luna’s Coffee House is offering one of the most delicious frappuccinos in San Francisco. Their coffee is also amazing and always fresh. Luna Coffee is located at 1101 Potrero Ave San Francisco, CA 94110Check it’s Instagram here.

Pick up in 15-25 mins.

Lou’s Cafe

Lou’s cafe is one of the first responders to Covid19. They are offering deals to first responders, but at the same time they have one of the richest coffee at the shop. They are serving at 5017 Geary Blvd San Francisco, CA 94118Check it’s Instagram here.

Pick up time is 15-20 mins.

Find more open coffee shops here.

Make sure that you wear a mask to order/pick up and check markings to ensure you are social distancing while you wait.

Gray Line is supporting the local community, we know that supporting can be an excellent way to beat loneliness. Gray Line is with it’s community and supporting local businesses, if you want to support your local coffee shops you may order take out or you may order for delivery, if applicable. 

Stay safe.