Unlocking the Best of San Francisco in Summer

San Francisco, nestled by the bay, beckons with its timeless landmarks, diverse culture, and electrifying energy, promising a summer brimming with unforgettable adventures. Bask in the delightful sunshine that graces SF during these months. Whether you call this city home or are just passing through, let this guide be your compass to discover the finest experiences in San Francisco in summer.

San Francisco in summer on beach with city view

Uncover Outdoor Gems

Golden Gate

If it’s your first visit to San Francisco in summer, surely the first thing you want to see is the marvelous and famous Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge, the city’s icon, has several lookout points that offer spectacular views. We recommend Battery Spencer, which is the highest viewpoint and you can appreciate both the bridge up close and the skyscrapers in the distance. Plus, it will be a great spot for those family photos.

woman enjoying view of the golden gate bridge
Battery Spencer Point of View
Photo: Leonardo Borges

Marshall’s Beach

Make the most of the San Francisco summer weather and explore the area near the bridge to reach Marshall’s Beach. To get there, follow a trail for about 10 minutes and walk towards the beach. It’s an ideal spot for a picnic and offers stunning views of the Golden Gate bridge.

Golden Gate Park

As seasoned guides, one of our top recommendations for San Francisco in summer is to set aside a full day to explore the wonders of Golden Gate Park.

Golden Gate park San Francisco in summer

Spanning an expansive 1,017 acres, Golden Gate Park stands as a captivating and vast oasis within the heart of San Francisco. Stretching across the Sunset and Richmond districts on the city’s West Side, this park is often likened to the Central Park of the West. In fact, it’s even about 20% larger, but we prefer to let its majesty speak for itself rather than boast about its size. The park is ideal to go relax, have a picnic, and escape the bustle of the city. As well as hiking and walking your dogs, this is also the home of music festivals like OutsideLands.

Sutro Baths

Once you’ve marveled at the Golden Gate Bridge, explored the historic Presidio, and wandered through the lush landscapes of Golden Gate Park, our next stop is Sutro Baths.

Sutro baths in San Francisco

Sutro Baths are the remnants of a grand swimming complex constructed back in 1896. Once touted as the world’s largest indoor swimming pool, today they stand as a mesmerizing array of rocks and tide pools. This is ideal spot to spend a romantic moment, watching the ocean and appreciating the nature that surrounds it. And if you are a Star Wars fan you will be able to recognize the trees that are in the area. Since George Lucas himself recorded several scenes in what is the Presidio and Lands End.

Go Beyond the City

If you want to explore more natural beauties beyond the city, look no further than Muir Woods and Yosemite National Parks. Here, you can see the largest trees in the world, more than 250 feet high and 600 years old.

How To Get There

Getting out of the city into Muir Woods and Yosemite can feel overwhelming. However, it is much simpler than you think. Our Muir Woods tours and Yosemite tours take you directly to the parks, offering a safe journey, incredible views, and access to the park at an affordable price.

Gray Line San Francisco tour to Yosemite National Park

Embrace the Culture

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)

Escape the summer heat and delve into the world of contemporary art at SFMOMA. Delight in their vast collection and ever-changing exhibitions that push the boundaries of artistic expression.

View from downtown San Francisco on a gray day
Photo: Leonardo Borges DJI


Immerse yourself in the dynamic ambiance of San Francisco in summer with Chinatown, a historic enclave and one of the continent’s largest. Stroll along bustling avenues teeming with a myriad of shops, eateries, and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. We recommend visiting the Fortune Cookie Factory, is located at 56 Ross Alley, you can get a free cookie and see how they prepare them.

Mission District

Embark on a captivating journey through the Mission District, where vibrant murals adorn the streets, telling tales of the neighborhood’s cultural tapestry and storied past. Let each stroke of paint unveil the rich history and diversity of this iconic San Francisco district.

Murals in Mission District in San Francisco

We recommend including our bike rentals to further explore Chinatown and also Mission District. This activities and includes 4 hours bike rental, complete with a helmet, basket or bike bag, bike lock, and a detailed map included. Perfect to explore the city and save money.

Indulge in Culinary Delights

Farmer’s Markets

Dive into the finest local produce and artisanal delights at San Francisco’s diverse array of farmers markets. For a culinary adventure, don’t miss the renowned Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, a haven for food enthusiasts seeking the freshest flavors.

Food Trucks

Embark on a gastronomic journey at one of the city’s lively food truck gatherings, where a world of gourmet street food awaits. Follow your senses to savor an eclectic mix of international cuisines served curbside. Nothing says San Francisco in summer like grabbing a delicious treat from a food truck and eating it on a park bench, watching people walk by.

Outdoor dining in San Francisco in summer

Outdoor Dining

Savor the joys of outdoor dining at San Francisco’s premier restaurants boasting charming al fresco settings. Whether you crave waterfront seafood or quaint neighborhood cafes, the city offers an enticing array of options to tantalize every taste bud.

If you wanna have a delicious breakfast, we recommend going to Cracked & Battered at Marina District. Also if you want typical San Francisco food, the clam chowder is a must-have. You can find that in different places such as Fishermans Wharf, Pier 39, and Union Square.

Soaking Up the Sights

Alcatraz Island

Embark on a scenic ferry journey to Alcatraz, where you can unravel the mysteries of this rugged coastal landscape. Delve into the intriguing history of this iconic site through informative guided tours and captivating exhibits. Spend your summer days soaking in breathtaking panoramic vistas of San Francisco’s majestic skyline.

Take a tour to Alcatraz Island

If you are going to travel to Alcatraz, we recommend doing it with a tour. Join us in exploring the mystery and history of Alcatraz Island with our guided Alcatraz tours San Francisco. We offer both day and night tours of this iconic Alcatraz prison. Offering several different options, our tours are sure to fit your schedule and your budget.

Twin Peaks

Ascend to the heights of Twin Peaks for a spectacular panoramic view of San Francisco in summer. Whether you drive or hike to the summit, you’ll be rewarded with sweeping vistas of the cityscape and the bay.

Cable Car Ride

Immerse yourself in a quintessential San Francisco experience with a thrilling ride aboard one of the city’s iconic cable cars. Grip the rails as you traverse the iconic steep hills and historic streets. You’ll surely the pulse of the city beneath you.

View from Twin Peaks San Francisco in summer

Filled with a blend of outdoor escapades, cultural immersion, gastronomic pleasures, and renowned landmarks, San Francisco in summer beckons with boundless opportunities for enjoyment. Whether you’re uncovering hidden treasures or rediscovering timeless attractions, seize the moment to fully immerse yourself in the city’s distinctive allure and dynamic spirit. So, don’t forget your sunscreen, bring along your camera, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure in San Francisco in summer!