4 Stay At Home Activities To Do With Your Kids : San Francisco Edition

As the weather changes and COVID-19 cases rise, families are looking for new activities to keep their children busy and safe. In this blog you can find four new activities to do with your family.  Most of these activities can be done inside your home with the exception of one that requires a walk around your neighborhood or local park. Gray Line invites you to try one or more of these activities and joining us on social media by posting your kids artwork with the hashtag #graylinesanfrancisco.

1. Design And Paint Your Own Sea Lion 

If you have ever visited Pier 39, you most likely have run into the sea lions that sunbath on several of the wooden docks near the end of the pier. For the last 30 years, sea lions have been making an appearance at the pier due to the variety of food nearby. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the sea lions calling Pier 39 a rest stop, thirty sea lion statues are on display across San Francisco. Six-foot sea lion statue is unique because each one has been painted by a bay area artist. Print out this template at home and have your children design their very own sea lion in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the sea lions visiting Pier 39. 

2. Recreate Your Favorite Place In The City With Laundry 

Ready to do some laundry art? Ask your children to grab old socks, t-shirts, pajamas, scarves, pants or even a mask, etc. to recreate their favorite place in the city. Start by discussing different places in the city and looking up their pictures online to get an idea of what colors and items to use. One of Gray Line’s favorite places in the city is the Painted Ladies. See the picture we used to inspire our at home activity next to a picture of our laundry art. Once you create your laundry art at home, post it on your social media and tag #graylinesanfrancisco. We would love to see what you and your family created. 

3. Create A Color Scavenger Hunt And Take A Walk At Your Favorite Park In The City

Ask your kids to grab their makers, crayons or colored pencils and a piece of paper. On the piece of paper (or you can use a paper lunch bag so that your child can put their findings inside the bag) ask them to scribble a colored square, as big as a quarter, from a selected marker, crayon or colored pencil. Do this with 6-10 different colors and title the piece of paper “Color Scavenger Hunt SF Edition”. Take the color scavenger hunt SF edition with you and take a walk around your neighborhood or your favorite park in San Francisco. Tell your kids to look for items that match the colors on their paper. The options are unlimited and will be unique each time you try this activity.

4. Recreate The San Francisco Skyline Using Everyday Objects 

Similar to recreating your favorite place in San Francisco with laundry, have your children try recreating the San Francisco skyline using everyday objects that you can find in your home.  Items we recommend using are kitchen tools, items you can find in or on your desk, or toys. Since the possibilities are endless, see what your kids bring when they are asked to collect random items around the house. Make sure you make it clear if there are any items that are off limits due to being fragile. Use the image below to guide your process. 

If you do any of these activities, please post on social media and you use our hashtag #graylinesanfrancisco so that we can feature you on our feed.

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