A Perfect Fall and Cabernet Season in Napa Valley

Cabernet Season

Fall is known as the harvest season in Napa Valley and after the grape harvest is complete, Cabernet season starts. During this season, the morning and evening temperatures cool while the afternoons stay somewhat warm. After many extremely hot days in the summer, when the fire season is finally over the region’s air quality improves.

Cabernet Season occurs from mid-fall to spring and wineries celebrate this time with many events. Visitors who come to this region during this time of the year have a chance to taste some of these iconic wines.  Visitors also benefit from this change and have more time to discover the vineyards. As the visitor numbers decrease, winemakers can relax and spend more time in the tasting rooms. In this blog, we will outline the reasons why you should visit Napa Valley during the fall and winter. Scroll through and learn more about Napa Valley Wine Country and Cabernet Season.

As a tour operator for many years, we are often asked what is so special about Napa Valley and what makes the wines so unique? The answer is straight-forward the volcanic soil. According to recent studies around the region, there are over 33 different kinds of soil which gives the grapes unique quality. Other important reasons are the valley’s terrain and having a rare climate that is perfect for growing different types of grapes. When all these aspects come together in this small region, they produce the types of wines that are unique to this area. We should also consider the winemakers’ special techniques that take years to learn and are passed down through generations.

Another frequently asked question is what should one expect during the Cabernet Season? As we mentioned above, Cabernet Season begins when the grape harvesting is complete. Winemakers look forward to this season all year because of the mild weather and relaxation period. After spending a growing season with a goal of exceptional balance and fineness that offer an authentic expression of varietal, unique and sense of place, winemakers deserve this time.

The region currently is not as crowded as it is during the summer. Most visitors come for cozy weekend getaway from the Bay Area. During this season, great deals are available for those who want to taste or shop for wines. Even wine club subscriptions can be found at more affordable prices.

Wineries can run promotions for tastings, club memberships, or bundle wine purchases. Some of the wineries can celebrate this season with special events and require reservations in advance. However, due to safety measures against Covid-19, wineries are already requiring reservations for tasting rooms. If you are visiting this region without a tour operator, we highly recommend planning this trip in detail to avoid any last-minute surprises.

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