Best Morning Ideas For San Francisco During The Pandemic

As you likely noticed, many of the activities have either been put on hold or its online or moved outside. But for an average morning in San Francisco, you still have plenty of options to explore while keeping your distance. Even most of us often complain about cold weather or foggy mornings, we all love SF and we want to explore no matter what. In this blog, we will gather some of the ideas that you can consider for a special morning in San Francisco. Scroll through and read about our best morning ideas for San Francisco.

Start Your Day Running In San Francisco

San Francisco is known for its morning runners, every morning you can see plenty of people jogging around downtown or piers. If you are considering doing a workout for your next morning, we recommend you to take San Franciscan’s favorite running spot that is on Embarcadero where starts from the Ballpark until you reach the end of Pier 45. In this 3.5-mile path, you will pass through all piers while you stay on the waterfront. Especially, if you want to run more you can pass Fisherman’s Wharf then you can enjoy running on Marina Green, Crissy Field, and Fort Point. You will also get closer to the Golden Gate Bridge while you are running on these locations.

Photo was taken before the pandemic. Credit : Nomadic Julien.

Sunrise Walk With Coffee On Piers of San Francisco

Another idea would be to walk on the waterfront where you can start from the Ferry Building to Fisherman’s Wharf, you can stop by Starbucks and get some warm drink and head over to Fisherman’s Wharf for delicious breakfast. Sunrises are beautiful on the waterfront in San Francisco, as soon as you grab your coffee, you can come to one of the piers and enjoy sunrise. Make sure you bring long sleeves as well, as the weather frequently changes, and mornings are usually chilly.

Cross The Bay By Ferry And Visit Sausalito Or Tiburon

Are you looking for an adventure? Get your bike with you and take a ferry ride to either Tiburon or Sausalito and discover these small towns. Have breakfast at local restaurants, and take many pictures. Before you go to the ferry terminal make sure you check the schedule of Blue and Gold Fleet as they are operating a few days due to safety measures. Before the pandemic, there were early departures but now the earliest ferry ride is at 11:00 am so be there 15-20 mins before departure time. You can also return via ferry after visiting these destinations. Don’t you have a bike? Consider renting your bike from a local bike shop so that you can also contribute to the local community. The average renting costs including damage insurances vary from $30-40 in San Francisco.

Here is also the current ferry schedule.

Visit Local Coffee Shops In Downtown

Grabbing a warm drink is always a good idea for a chilly morning in San Francisco. If you are visiting for only a couple of days or weeks, get outside and grab some coffee or tea and start discovering SF Downtown by walk. We used to see the morning rush on the streets as many people were going to work by walk or riding their bikes. These days San Francisco’s streets are not that crowded, and you can easily keep your distance from other people. If you are looking for local coffee shops to give a try, you can check out one of the previous blogs here: 7 Coffee Shops Not To Miss In SF .

Visit Locals Favorite Breakfast Restaurants

You might be hungry as soon as you wake up and you can consider having a unique breakfast nearby. You can find different restaurants on almost every corner of San Francisco offering take-out or outdoor dining. Before you start searching for favorite spots, I need to tell you that you have a long list of choices for breakfast in San Francisco. From traditional American breakfast to Turkish cuisine or millionaire’s bacon, we have got you covered, check our another blog :  Favorite 5 Breakfast Restaurants To Try This Weekend. 

Practice Yoga On The Waterfront or at SF Parks

Yoga is another great way to start your day, while you relax you can improve your strength and balance. As yoga studios are temporarily closed in San Francisco, many yoga lovers are coming to the waterfront to do their yoga poses. Our recommended spot is just next to Cupid’s Span where you can have plenty of space on the waterfront.

We gathered some of our morning ideas for San Francisco for you to give a try. If you follow any of these ideas, please post on social media and use our hashtag #graylinesanfrancisco to get featured.

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