Yosemite National Park: The Winter Experience

Although most visitors to Yosemite National Park choose to travel in summer, there is still plenty to do and see during the winter months. Between December and March, the park is cold, snowy and quiet, which makes it the perfect location for an unforgettable winter holiday. The trees are covered in a white blanket and Yosemite Falls comes close to freezing, which is a truly stunning sight. There are plenty of winter activities to enjoy during winter at Yosemite, including skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and star gazing, so you’ll certainly never be stuck for things to do. Whether you’re looking for a quiet winter getaway or an action-packed outdoor adventure, Yosemite has everything you need for a once in a lifetime winter break.  

See the Sights

Visiting Yosemite in winter is a truly unique experience, offering opportunities to see some spectacular sights. Join us on our tour of Yosemite and marvel at the park’s frozen waterfalls, snow-covered landscapes and winter wildlife. Although certain areas of the park are inaccessible during winter due to snowy conditions, there are still more than enough opportunities to take stunning photographs. Yosemite is arguably at its most beautiful during the colder months, so take full advantage of this by seeing as much of it as possible. 

Winter Activities

Winter might be a quieter time in Yosemite, but there are still plenty of activities to get involved in. There are several ski resorts located within the park, which are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced skiers. You can also take part in cross-country skiing and snow shoeing, if you want to try something a little different. There are multiple ice skating rinks in the park in winter, which provide skate hire and are the ideal option for a romantic outdoor activity. 

Family Activities

If you’re taking the whole family to Yosemite for a winter holiday, you can take advantage of the festive activities that children will love. Holiday parades and theatre performances take place regularly, and you can also ride a horse-drawn sleigh, complete with jingle bells! Winter is a great time to visit the park’s museums, such as the Ansel Adams Gallery and the Indian Cultural Museum, as you’ll avoid the usual queues that are inevitable in summer. 


Yosemite is safe to visit in winter, providing that you take the precautions suggested by the park. Be aware of which roads will be closed and which areas do not permit vehicles after snowfall – these usually include the Tioga Road and the road to Glacier Point. Tyre chains are often required on park roads, so make sure that you have them and know how to use them. Temperatures can drop to -2 degrees Celsius in Yosemite Valley, so be prepared for this, especially if you plan on taking part in outdoor activities. If you are planning a hike, be sure to ask for advice from the park wardens before you set off on your trip, as hiking routes are often limited during winter. 

Visiting Yosemite in winter is undoubtedly a magical experience, as these world-famous landscapes become even more beautiful when covered in frost and snow. If you’re looking for a winter family holiday destination, or even a romantic getaway with a bit of a difference, this is a choice you will never regret. For more information about planning a tour of Yosemite in winter, don’t hesitate to contact us and start your Yosemite experience today!