Free Festive Activities in San Francisco

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and San Francisco is full of great, free Christmas activities to get you in the festive mood. So, if you’re taking a trip to San Francisco this holiday season, be sure to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. From street performances and holiday markets to spectacular winter walks, there are plenty of free things to do in San Francisco during the holiday season. 

Getting Around San Francisco at Christmas

If you’re looking for a way to get around, we recommend our 48-hour hop-on, hop-off bus tickets, as they let you travel around the city, going wherever you want, without having to buy another bus ticket. These tour buses travel around all of San Francisco’s main sights, including most of the city’s Christmas-themed events and displays.

Christmas Performers at Westfield Shopping Center

Every Christmas, the Westfield Center puts on a Christmas bonanza called ‘The Holiday Bazaar’. Not only is this a brilliant place to do Christmas shopping and try some great local cuisine, it’s also a great place for kids, as local performers act out a variety of Christmas plays. There is also an amazing Christmas tree under the huge dome that is sure to drop a few jaws!

See the Rescue Animals at Macy’s

If you love animals, you may like to visit the Macy’s just a block away from Union Square. Each Christmas, Macy’s and the SPCA team up to help rescued animals find a new home. So, the windows of Macy’s are full of beautiful little animals who are all up for adoption! Even if you have no more room in your home this Christmas, it’s a lot of fun to say hello to the animals, taking in all the fluffiness and waggy tails! 

The San Francisco Winter Walk

Stockton Street is completely transformed on the run-up to Christmas. It is closed to cars, making the whole street a pedestrian zone, and it is decorated with stunning Christmas decorations. There are Christmas carollers, Christmas light shows, lots of festive shops, and a bunch of other fun activities. This is the most Christmassy street in San Francisco, which is why it’s an absolute must-see for anyone visiting during the festive season.

The Union Square Christmas Tree

Union Square is the place to be at Christmas — and it’s not far from Stockton Street, so you can visit them back to back. Children and adults alike love Christmas trees, and the bigger the tree the better! As Union Square is right in the centre of the city, it’s where you’ll find the biggest, best Christmas tree in San Francisco! 

Take in the Christmas Lights

Most of San Francisco is lit up at Christmas; it’s not just contained within Union Square and Stockton Street. Why not walk around the city and look for the best Christmas lights and decorations? You can also take a 48-hour San Francisco bus and bike tour, which allows you to pick up and drop off rental bikes throughout the city as well as jumping on the bus whenever you like. This tour allows you to explore Christmassy San Francisco by bicycle or from the top of one of our double-decker buses! And if you decide you’d rather cycle than ride the bus, you can just hop off at a stop and pick up the nearest available rental bike. You decide how you explore San Francisco!

Visiting San Francisco at Christmas is a truly magical experience, and it needn’t break the bank if you know where to go. These free activities will keep the whole family happy and allow you to enjoy an absolutely perfect winter break in San Francisco. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about the city or any of our San Francisco tours. Happy holidays!