Wine & Weed New Tour release in Mendocino County

Among all of our featured tours, we are proud to announce that we are teaming up with Mendocino Experience Cannabis Tours for a special 4/20 weed and wine tasting event hosted by the expert tour guides of the Mendocino Experience, one of Northern California’s first cannabis tour companies, founded all the way back in 2018.

Cannabis is as much a part of California culture as sunshine, wine, and the giant redwoods.  For generations, families that settled the Emerald Triangle during the back to the land movement of the 1960s have been growing this finest cannabis organically along with their vegetables on their Mendocino farms, sharing the bounty of their harvest with friends and family.  Now, for the first time travelers coming to San Francisco can enjoy the bounty of pot farms in California as well. 

California has always been a hot spot for tourists and travelers from all over the world.  From our giant redwood groves to our beautiful coastline to our unique wine country.   Now, once again, Gray Line is offering a unique California experience you simply can’t find anywhere else – our legendary cannabis farm country – rich with natural beauty, a fascinating history, and the finest quality agricultural treasures on the planet.

You may have taken wine tours from San Francisco, and visited the wineries of Sonoma, Napa, and the Carneros region at the north end of the San Francisco Bay, but did you know Mendocino County, which shares a border with Sonoma County, has incredible award-winning wineries as well?

Remember the excitement of exploring new wineries in Sonoma & Napa when you first visited San Francisco?  Have you fallen into the rut of visiting the same wineries every time you visit our city?  Get back in touch with the excitement of exploring new wineries again.  There are amazing wineries in Mendocino County to explore with wonderful tasting rooms in phenomenally beautiful settings.

Although cannabis and wine may seem miles apart, they are much closer than you might think – not only in similarity but in proximity as well.  The unique combination of volcanic soil and Mediterranean climate in Northern California has spawned two legendary agricultural industries with award-winning crops that are the envy of all the world.  Terroir, flavor profiles, aroma, bouquet, nose, yield, appellation – those are terms you probably know, used by wine aficionados are also used by aficionados of cannabis.

If you’re a cannabis lover who regularly visits San Francisco, you can now go deeper than only imbibing in San Francisco dispensaries.  If you’re an adventurous agritourist looking for your next Northern California farm to explore, a global tourist looking for more than just the average wine tour, or someone who doesn’t partake at all, but just wants to explore this unique part of California culture, exploring Northern California cannabis country might just be your next big adventure!  Book a cannabis farm tour from San Francisco with us, and let the exploration begin! 

All photos courtesy of Mendocino Experience