7 Socially Disctanced Outdoor Activities in San Francisco

This post covers the best things to do in San Francisco Bay Area while social distancing. It includes a list of 7 activities; some are free and paid activities that you can join with friends or family. Scroll through and read about 7 activities to get you outdoors while social distancing in San Francisco Bay Area.

1) Visiting Alcatraz Island –  Complete Historical Experience

Alcatraz is one of the most visited tourist attractions in San Francisco, while all buildings are currently inaccessible on the island, but you can still enjoy this historical experience as an outdoor activity. Since only 150 passengers are allowed at one departure, you’ll have more space to social distance during your transportation to Alcatraz Island. See below the line before getting on a boat with social distancing signs;

You may have a seat during your transportation as long as you don’t consume any food on the boat, unfortunately eating food isn’t allowed. However, picnicking and consuming food on Alcatraz Island is allowed at the dock area, seating place. Bottled water is allowed in all areas of the Island.

While you have plenty of room on the cruise, you will also have photo opportunities in Bay with San Francisco Skyline.

Once you land the island, you will be walking around and learning the history by reading signs at each stop and taking many pictures.

There is an app called Alcatraz Experience- Audio Tour which you can download from App Store or Google Play Store as free, you can listen and explore Alcatraz Island. The app is only working at the island, it won’t be running until you reach the Island.

As I mentioned earlier, all buildings, including the Main Cell House isn’t accessible at the moment. You see the following signs;


Even you have only an outdoor experience at Alcatraz Island, it is still breathtaking and unforgettable for those who are visiting for the first time.

2) Visiting San Francisco’s Historical Cathedrals and Churches

There are many Cathedrals and Churches in which you can visit and experience the unique old-world architectural traditions to convey different sensibilities. You can freely walk-in and experience the unique atmosphere. My first recommendation is the Saints Peter & Paul Church in North Beach.

Along the edge of Washington Square, stands Saints Peter and Paul Church. Notable for its twin towers, it was built in 1912 as an outpost for the Salesians, of the Society of Saint Francis de Sales, founded by Saint John Bosco in the 19th century. Bosco’s motto was ‘’Give me souls, you can have the rest.’’ The ‘’rest’’ were the hearts and minds of immigrants who made their way across America and gave North Beach neighborhoods their Italian Identities.

The next one will be the National Shrine of St. Francis of Assisi, as they are close to each other you can walk one to another.

Built-in the heart of San Francisco’s historic North Beach, the Norman Gothic Church of Saint Francis of Assisi was dedicated as a parish church on 17 March 1860.

3) Joining Walking Tours in San Francisco

Another way to explore San Francisco while social distancing is to join walking tours. Currently, Gray Line San Francisco is offering 3 small group walking tours which you will have great opportunities to learn the history of San Francisco and discover the neighborhoods with an expert guide. See below the each tour and click the links to discover these walking tours.



Are you wondering the San Francisco’s tech world? Find out why tech started here and why it is so successful. Enjoy a tour of the amazing Financial District to see it for yourself and to feel the spirit of business startups during the 2-hour tour. During the tour, you’ll visit high profile companies such as Facebook, Google, SF Mozilla, and LinkedIn. There will be many stops along the way with plenty of opportunities available to take pictures. 

Learn more about Tech Walking Tour here.

4) Visiting Muir Woods

Just north of San Francisco is an enchanted place with grounded sentinels who have been alive for at least 400 years. They rise majestically and soar to heights of over 250 feet. You can visit Muir Woods and hike around the trails while social distancing. This breath-taking place features towering old-growth redwood trees.

Check here for Muir Woods Tours and Muir Woods Tour Packages.

5) Picnicking at San Francisco’s Parks

In San Francisco, you will find parks at many locations. From Pacific Heights to North Beach, you will come across public parks including Lafayette Park, Alta Plaza Park, Washington Square Park, and many more. I will be sharing my picnic experience at Washington Square Park in this post.

Washington Square Park

Grab a sandwich at nearby Molinari Deli, then plop down and enjoy it at this park located in the heart of North Beach. Find yourself surrounded by historic churches, old bakeries, cafes, and quaint shops. As soon as you arrive, you will notice white circles for social distancing purposes.

6) Joining A City Tour

Even you are living in San Francisco for many years or visiting at once, joining in a city tour will give you changes to see San Francisco from different perspectives. Fully narrated guided half-day bus tours will show you all you need to know about San Francisco in half-day!

Check here the Guided San Francisco City Tours and Packages.

7) Going to an Outdoor Wine Tasting Experience

Wind your way through the many vineyards, and sample the wines this region is known for. Napa & Sonoma, two world-famous wine regions, both about an hour’s drive north of San Francisco, boast rolling hills planted with some of the most coveted grapes in the world. Due to the indoor restrictions in place, the outdoor wine tasting tours are becoming very popular around the Bay Area.

For those who are looking for a unique experience, Gray Line’s Napa and Sonoma Wine Country Tour has been selected as a Traveler’s Choice Winner in Top 10 Wine Experiences – In The World in 2020. This outstanding outdoor wine tasting experience might be your best attraction choice ever.


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