Must See Places in Chinatown, San Francisco

Chinatown home to many unique and some of the most picturesque locations in San Francisco. We will be covering must see locations for those who are planning to visit Chinatown. Scroll through and read about 5 must see places in Chinatown San Francisco.

Alleys Of Chinatown

There are many alleys in this small part of the city, the following ones are the ones more notable: Ross, Waverly, Duncombe, Beckett, and Cooper. In the 1800s and early 1900s, these sites were home to gambling halls, brothels, opium dens, and other daily activities such as fish markets and barbershops. These narrow streets or alleys are associated with Northern Chinese cities, especially Beijing but of course, each alley carries its unique history.

Ross Alley, San Francisco

Fish Markets in Chinatown 

In Chinese culture, it is believed that fish will bring wealth, abundance, happiness, and luck. While the meals of the Chinese traditional vary regionally, the only product that does not change at the tables is fish. Families who cannot bring fish to their tables in the inner regions of China, where the fish is scarce and the purchasing power is low, must make fish carved from wood and keep them at their tables. Chinatown home to many fish markets, as you can find many them on Broadway, you can also see them in alleys. It is a must-see during a visit to Chinatown.

Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Along 56 Ross Alley, you will get the sweet smell of cookies coming from this cookie factory that has been making fortune cookies for San Francisco since 1962. As soon as you walk-in, you will be offered a free sample. You can purchase a full bag of fortune cookies for a few dollars and another 50 cents allows you to get close and take pictures of the making process.

Fancy Wheat Field Bakery

This bakery is located at 2684 San Bruno Ave, it is known for mousse cakes. They are offering the highest quality Chinese bakeries and the prices are a little more expensive than other bakeries in the neighborhood. As soon as you walk-in, a warm atmosphere will welcome you and you will be looking at all the delicious Chinese bakeries.

Famous Lanterns of Chinatown

The lantern is closely related to the daily life of the Chinese culture. In the history, Chinese people hung red lanterns, meaning “family members coming together” to create a happy atmosphere. Later, the lantern became the Chinese symbol of happiness. With the transfer and development of the knowledge and experience of the masters for generations, the lanterns have enriched in terms of variety and the construction techniques have improved. Today, we see many hanging lanterns in Chinatown, creating a great photo opportunity for the thousands of visitors.

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