A Halloween Experience: The San Francisco Dungeon

Who says that Halloween is only once a year?! The San Francisco Dungeon brings to life the terrifying and hilarious stories of old San Francisco with a “full theatrical cast, state-of-the-art special effects, and gripping storytelling in 360-degree sets.”

You know how people like to look back on the “good old days” with a smile and twinkle in their eyes? Yeah, no we don’t like that idea. We just know about those bad old days filled with grizzly secrets and tales.

 The hour-long expedition will make all of your Netflix documentary fantasies, a real-life reality!

 While you are between laughs and screams, you will have 9 different shows to experience, the characters walk you through on a journey through the grisly, yet authentic history of the Bay Area.

 From Miss Piggott’s Saloon, the Ghosts of Alcatraz, to experiencing first hand the Gold Rush Greed, you will have the most genuine insight as to what went down in this very area years and years ago.

Get up close and just a little too personal with the Rat Catcher who delights in detailing the pungent truth of the Plague and how it is closer than you think! Just kidding! Well, maybe..

Learn the horrible truth behind the black trade of “shanghaiing” on a dark boat ride. You’ll never look at sailing and the open waters the same again. At least not in San Francisco!

See, hear, touch, and even smell more of the city’s most shocking stories. You’ll never know what hit ya!

If (and only if!) you make it to the end of the tour, you’ll be guided through the infamous Alcatraz prison to join an escape attempt where you will face an exhilarating “jump” from Alcatraz into the waters of the Bay on the brand new Escape Alcatraz drop ride.

So, what are you waiting for? Come see and survive some of San Francisco’s deepest and darkest history – if you dare!

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