Fun Facts About the Golden Gate Park

One of our most beloved stops in all of our tours! We frequent the Golden Gate Park when it comes to making a pit stop during our longer tours. If we are anticipating going over the Golden Gate Bridge or we know we are going to pass it, we usually take a stop here at the Golden Gate Park so that you can get a feel for something authentic in the midst of a bright and bustling city. Here are a couple of fun facts about one of our favorite parks!

It’s Filled With Water!

Well, not literally. But it does have 10 lakes inside of the entire area. There is a section where there are 3 lakes all connected together – they are called the Chain of Lakes (hmm, wonder why!) There is also a ton of wildlife you can experience at every lake. Between mallards, birds, and other woodland creatures, you’re going to be in for a surprise.

Live Like Katniss!

Archery is free in the park! Need to good first date idea or a way to get the kids out of the house on a budget? The park offers archery for FREE so that 1. You can learn a really cool new skill and 2. You don’t need a wallet full of cash to have fun!

The Park Was A Refuge Area

After the devastating earthquake in 1906 in San Fran, California, the park served as a refuge area to help those in need. With the subsequent fires that started after the chaos of the earthquakes, nearly 80% of the City was destroyed. The park served as a refuge area for families and survivors to help feed, clothe, and reunite families.

Free Views From the de Young Tower

Another fun, free activity here for you – views from the de Young Tower! You can see remarkable sights like a 360 degree view of the entire San Francisco area and obviously the Golden Gate Bridge.

There’s Magic All Around

First, there are magical mushrooms scattered all around the park. We recommend not eating them, or even touching them. There are some that are harmless, others not so much. But truth be told, you’ll see things in a whole new way if you eat the good ones. Secondly, there used to be a magical door where fairies would sleep. However, they have upped and moved, but there is a new one! Knock on the door and leave a note – fairies love to read your thoughts and dreams!

The Old Lawn Bowling Club

What in the world is Lawn Bowling?! Exactly what you think it is. Originating from England, but San Fran was the first to introduce it to the states in 1901. Want a lesson on how to be an expert? They offer a free lesson at noon every Wednesday.

Statues..Statues Everywhere!

And finally, it is worth noting that the park contains 19 statues throughout the place. Families make a game out of it and whoever finds and takes pictures of all 19 first – wins! Try out the little games of hide and seek with the statues or even try to find the one statue of a woman before anyone else!

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