San Francisco Art Scene

 Freelance and emerging artists have taken their hodges to San Fran to dedicate their young adulthoods to become up and coming in the art scene in our city. Anywhere between high-end, MET-styled museums filled with priceless artwork to graffiti artists showing off their skills in a show for the public, we have it all. Want to find out how you can support them and get a little more into being part of the art scene in San Francisco? Check out these amazing opportunities and galleries below that you can visit while in the Bay Area.


Opened only 4 times a year, once for each season, it is the nation’s largest collection of 250 working artists in one massive space for the public. They have anything from metal work, ceramics, painters, and other multimedia artists. Again, they only open their doors quartley, so if they are something you want to see, you are going to have to literally plan your trip around the week they are opened.


The first museum of its kind, is the first airport-based museum to be accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. Because of the popularity from their staff of dozens of world-renowned curators and designers, the gallery’s variety of showcases have more than 40 exhibitions a year –  that in which many traditional art museums do not even put on. With a fixation on aviation history along with anything like fashion or modern technology, you will be fascinated when you walk in.


Now, you don’t really need to even step inside of a gallery when your hotel will do just fine! Many hotels in the Downtown area (and frankly all throughout the Bay Area) have acquired pieces of modern art for their hotels so that guests feel more compelled to get their #InstaMoments to tag the hotel their at. Which ultimately leads to free advertising when given beautifully decorated and trendy hotel lobbies and rooms. Look around your hotel when you visit next and notice how much artwork is around you!


Do you want something with music, contemporary performing arts, and culinary skills at once? You may have never thought you needed it – but just you wait until you see it. The Midway is kind of a catch-all type of gallery where really, anything goes. Mid-career artists are free to express their talents through what they deem suitable for themselves and the audience to properly showcase their work with their community.

After a great tour why not check out some art!