Alcatraz -Escape from the Rock Boat Tour

Find out more about the most famous prison in the world, Alcatraz, with an amazing viewpoint of the prison from San Francisco Bay. This is your chance to get closer to the island without having to actually spend time on Alcatraz Island. Instead, you’ll be circling the landmark on a boat tour right after you sail beneath the famous arches of the Golden Gate Bridge.

This is a boat tour you won’t want to miss!

It comes complete with stories about some of the prison’s most famous inmates and the most notorious criminals in America. These stories, along with the special sound effects, will give you a clear idea of the day to day lifestyle that took place within the prison walls.

Alcatraz was a maximum security prison holding well-known, grisly prisoners such as Capone, Clyde Johnson, Billy Cook the killer and many more. Learn about the chilling escape attempts that were made and why inmates were planning their escapes as soon as they entered the prison!

There are many stories about Alcatraz and you’ll be able to hear them as you see the island from various vantage points around it. If you find that all of the other Alcatraz tours are sold out, this is your best alternative option. It’s also the best way to see the prison without having to actually land on the island – for the faint of heart.

The site of the former Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary is located 1.25 miles off of the San Francisco coast. It first opened its doors in 1934 and closed for good on March 21, 1963. Inmates that were known to cause trouble at other prisons were often sent here and “accommodations” were available for approximately 1,600 prisoners. Prison staff members along with their families also lived on the island.

Take a boat tour and gain some valuable knowledge about one of the most famous landmarks in the United States! This is a fun and informative tour that won’t take up a lot of your day, giving you time to do other things, and is suitable for all members of the family!

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