Gray Line San Francisco Fleet

You may see our buses and think “Oh, yeah. Just another tour bus company with some big buses.” Well, big is beautiful to us, baby! We take great pride in how we care for and use the vehicles in our fleet. Because when they work smoothly and provide a fabulous and luxurious ride for you, then that means we have done our job right in delivering you the tour of a lifetime!Let’s get to know a little more about our fleet, shall we?

San Francisco Charter: Deluxe Motor Coach

Our deluxe motor coaches, come fully equipped with lavatories, video monitors, and more incredible devices to ensure a safe and educational tour for you. The lavatories provide you with the comfort of knowing that even on our longer trips, you wouldn’t be inconvenienced by the travel times to use the restroom. They are always shiny and clean before, during, and after all of our trips. Our video monitors cater to our travelers with both educational and entertaining videos for your leisure. Depending on the trips, you will see features of the points we will be visiting, and can also be useful for those traveling with us that are hard of hearing. Our other oddities include demonstrations for your safety along with comfortable and relaxing seats for your long day of adventures! 

San Francisco Charter: Mini-Coach

Our Mini-coaches are ideal for shorter trips, cruise ship transfers, and all that jazz! With their smaller yet very comfortable size, we are eco-friendly by not using one of our big guys to load up a smaller party just to get to closer destinations.

 Every single vehicle in our awesome fleet is controlled and driven by one of our designated and registered professional drivers who are backed by the most elite and experienced support staff. They will be nothing short of some of the friendliest people you have ever met as well as keeping your safety their top and only priority.

New to all this? We’ll provide personalized assistance in planning your trip so that any questions you may have about any part of our fleet will be answered thoroughly. We also are able to get back to you efficiently with fast, comprehensive quotes on your travels!

We can’t wait to see you on our next tour!

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