Escape From the Rock Boat Tour

With Alcatraz being one of the most infamous sites when visiting the San Francisco area, it sometimes may be hard to book a tour to visit it. Nonetheless, we have a boat tour that will be leaving you in awe of the deeply historic and mysterious site.

The prison island is filled with plenty of wonder just from the site of it. The massive size and it’s bewitchingly creepy design commands the bay, leaving all who take a glimpse with equal parts curiosity and fear. And you will be able to take it all in from our amazing boat tour!

We start out by sailing under the majestic Golden Gate Bridge and get a couple of photo ops in front of it and we continue to cruise along the bay. Then we will circle around the island of Alcatraz and take in the scenic view. As we pass by the historic site, we will be listening to spooky sounds and tales of those deadly inmates that once roamed the halls and lived in its unforgiving cells. Absorb the tales of Al Capone, Billy Cook the Killer, and Clyde Johnson and their famous escape attempts.

Watch as the waves dramatically crash amongst the rocks and use your imagination to bring to life the stories of the prisoners in your mind. You will see first hand what life was like at this maximum security prison.

Although this tour doesn’t actually land on the island itself, this carefully created tour was designed for those who may not be able to, or want to, walk around the prison amongst the crowds. And if you don’t have a ton of time to kill during your stay in San Fran, this tour is perfect for being able to check another landmark off of your bucket list while still staying in your time frame for the duration of your trip!

What are you waiting for? The views of the city are calling to tell you that they look even more beautiful at sunset from our Escape from the Rock Boat Tour!

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