The Historical Background of Sausalito

For all of our history buffs – this one is for you!

Located just 4 short miles north of the San Francisco Valley, a quaint Mediterranean-style seaside town called Sausalito is waiting for you to discover it. This little town (the population is under 10,000!) is situated near the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge – perfect for visiting after having a walk over the bridge or if you stop to take pictures of the scenic area. But, prior to the building of the great bridge, you could only access the community via ferry boats!

 Luckily for you, we get to go over the Golden Gate Bridge, stop for photo ops, and get to roam about Sausalito. Although small, Sausalito offers a rich history and a lot to learn. It was a shipbuilding port for World War II. It brought a lot of industrial jobs during that time which lead to its prosperity for the local families. Not to mention – it was an epicenter of bootlegging during the Prohibition where people would go to buy or trade alcohol when it was illegal in the United States.

Because it is enclosed by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, it has beautiful scenic environment and bewitching oceanside views that captivates tourists coming off of the Golden Gate Bridge.

 Luckily for you, we offer nine different tours that will bring you through the gorgeous town of Sausalito! Each tour offers around an hour of allotted time to roam about the place to get to explore their distinguished art galleries, waterfront restaurants (perfect for a romantic dinner with a partner!), and stop at their fun and quirky shops to get a few one-of-a-kind souvenirs for everyone back home.

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