FAQ – City Tour Questions

Do we remain inside the bus for the entire tour, or are we able to walk around certain points of interest?

We make stops around every 10 minutes at our stunning key locations. Stops can range from five minute photo stops to 20 minutes at the Golden Gate Bridge. Other stops may include: Twin Peaks, Golden Gate Park, City Hall/Civic Center, and San Francisco’s stately Victorian architectural delights – the “Painted Ladies”. However, if it is not typically in the itinerary, then we will not be making any sudden stops or detours due to being on a timed schedule so that other visitors will be able to take a tour with us, as well.

 Do you have restrooms on the bus?

All of our full size coaches have restrooms. Because of their size and the quantity of people we carry, we want to ensure that everyone is comfortable on our tours with ample restroom access. Our “mini coaches” however, do not. This is because our mini coaches don’t go for very long tours and only hold a few passengers. Nonetheless, along the routes used by our smaller coaches there are a number of rest stop opportunities that we would be more than happy to make.

 What is the difference between a “Hop on/Off” and a Full City Tour?

The value and simply gorgeous geography make the difference. What is offered on our fun “Hop on/off” tours are restricted to circling only a tiny part of San Francisco repeatedly. Although we have different “Hop on/Off” tours for certain areas, you are only going to be visiting a small section of the city. However, with our 3 1/2 hour tours, you get to see the lay of the legendary beauty and diversity of San Francisco. At your feet, you can discover Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, North Beach, and the beauty of the Pacific Ocean among other sights. And we don’t always restrict the Full City Tour to just our favorite city.

Some tours even offer opportunities to get out of it for a little while and explore exactly what our historic valley offers.

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