Champagne Cruise

Looking for a girls’ night out? Celebrating a bachelor/bachelorette party? Maybe an anniversary? Ever been on the most stellar Champagne Cruise ever? You’re about to!

Join us for an adventurous, 2 hour yacht cruise with breath-taking views of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, and surrounding areas. You seriously can’t beat these views even if you tried! Wouldn’t you love to take your mother out for Mother’s Day to a wonderful breakfast and lunch buffet where the drink options are literally bottomless? Champagne, coffee, orange juice DE- name it, we got it for you!

Not only will you be given unlimited options for food and drink, but we also offer live music and dancing aboard the ship, too! Shake off the worries from life on land and shake it on the dance floor at sea!

When would be the perfect time to plan this kind of adventure? If you are spending the week in the San Fran area, plan this to end the whole week on a sweet and relaxed note. After exploring and being tourists in a new city, you are probably going to be fairly exhausted. Grab a mimosa, grab a dance partner, and enjoy your last day in the city in fabulous, effortless style. 

Pop some bubbly while taking in the wondrous sites from around the city. As we circle the Bay Area, you will get to see all of the places you have visited and have checked off your bucket list. Don’t forget to give a wave to the people of the Golden Gate Bridge!

You don’t need any special reason to want to take this yacht ride. Honestly, maybe you just deserve to have sparkling alcohol continuously refilled in your glass alongside with our divine and delectable desserts being served nonstop. Doesn’t everyone deserve to #TreatYourself like this all the time?! Although you are more than welcome to go at it alone, bringing someone along to take those perfectly posed Instagram pictures would definitely be worth it.

Book with us for your next college roommate reunion or Mom’s 50th birthday celebration to have free flowing champagne, a fabulous buffet, and a scenic boat ride around San Francisco! We can’t wait to have you and set sail for a fun, sparkling adventure!

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