Best Take Out Food Recommendations During The Outbreak

Are you bored eating at home all the time? Why don’t you order most favorite food are selected by San Franciscans in order to support local community. We will share most famous San Francisco restaurants are offering take out during the outbreak in this blog.


A cute Italian grocery/deli in a primarily residential neighborhood, making it incredibly convenient to get Italian sandwiches. The sandwiches are huge and made with high quality ingredients. You can’t go wrong with any of them but we recommend the Goodfella and Milanese.

What to expect : Sandwiches, Delis, Beer, Wine & Spirits

Phone number : (415) 638-6361 , pick up in 30-40 mins.


Address : 1400 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109.

Palmetto Superfoods

Are you looking for an acai bowl shop? Palmetto is offering a varied selection of superfoods; everything from the bases to the nut & seed toppings. This shop is the healthiest place on Clement Street in SF. A great pit stop for weekend athletes, morning exercise goers, a midday/ afternoon snack.

What to expect : Acai Bowls, Vegan, Juice Bars & Smoothies

Phone number : (415) 234-0913, pick up in 5-15 mins.


Address : 202 Clement St. San Francisco, CA 94118.

Lou’s Cafe

Lou’s Cafe is another favorite deli option on Geary Blvd. The bread they use has a nice crunch, everything is fresh, the flavors compliment each other so well. It’s great after a midday walk.

What to expect : Coffee & Tea, Sandwiches, Salad

Phone number : (415) 379-4429, pick up in 20-30 mins.


Address : 5017 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118.

Seven Hills

SEVEN HILLS is a small family-run neighborhood restaurant which emphasis is on great food markets, with a constantly evolving menu. They specialize in homemade pasta that is excellent.

What to expect : Italian, Seafood, Wine Bars

Phone number : (415) 775-1550, pick up in 20-30 mins.


They are operating a limited menu for take out Wednesday-Sunday. Seven Hills is accepting orders between 1-4pm on each day. Their window for pick up is open between 5-8pm.

Address : 1896 Hyde St. San Francisco, CA 94109

The Italian Homemade Company

The Italian Homemade Company is a great option for pasta lovers, everything they offer are authentic and homemade. It’s so good and comforting – exactly what you want a simple warm meal to be. 

What to expect : Italian, Pasta Shops, International Grocery

Phone Number : (415) 712-8874, pick up in 20-30 mins.


Address : 716 Columbus Ave. San Francisco, CA 94133

Daeho Kalbijjim & Beef Soup

If you are craving delicious Korean kitchen, Daeho Kalbijjim is a great option for take out or delivery in SF. They have the best Beef Ribs in the town. Most people come here for the galbi jjim (braised short ribs), but as we are huge fan of soups and broths, we would highly recommend you to try them as well.

What to expect : Korean, Soup, Noodles

Phone number : (415) 563-1388, pick up in 25-35 mins.


Address : 1620 Post St. San Francisco, CA 94115

The Bird

If you are a chicken sandwich fan, It’s time to eat best fried chicken sandwich in SF. The Bird is offering the most juicy delicious chicken sandwich for those whose are chicken sandwich lovers.

What to expect : Chicken Shop, Sandwiches

Phone number : (415) 872-9825, pick up in 20-25 mins..


They are open for take out orders only from 10:30am to 7pm, Mon – Fri.

Address : 115 New Montgomery St. San Francisco, CA 94105


Perilla is bringing flavorful, freshly prepared Vietnamese cuisine to San Francisco. Each of their dishes starts with fresh ingredients and carefully crafted recipes for flavorful, aromatic meals you’ll love.

What to expect : Vietnamese

Phone number : (415) 564-9980, pick up in 15-25 mins.


Address : 836 Irving St. San Francisco, CA 94122

Dumpling Kitchen

Looking for Chinese cuisine for take out? Dumpling Kitchen is one of the Chinese restaurants is open for take out in SF.  They are open daily from 11am – 8:30pm, except Wednesdays.

 What to expect : Chinese

Phone number : (415) 682-8938, pick up in 20-30 mins.


Address : 1935 Taraval St. San Francisco, CA 94116

La Mediterranee

La Mediterranee is voted “Best San Francisco Mediterranean Restaurant” by both Bay Guardian and SF Weekly readers year after year, La Mediterranee in the charming Castro area bordering Noe Valley offers affordable Middle Eastern cuisine influenced by the flavors of Armenia, Lebanon, Morocco, Greece and beyond.

What to expect : Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Breakfast & Brunch

 Phone number : (415) 431-7210, pick up in 40-50 mins.


Address : 288 Noe St. San Francisco, CA 94114

Marufuku Ramen SF

Marufuku serves the authentic Hakata-style Tonkotsu ramen—featuring a rich and milky, premium Tonkotsu broth cooked for over 20 hours to extract umami flavor, an ultra-thin artisanal noodles that match perfect with the broth, and Cha-shu made from specially selected pork. Rich white chicken paitan ramen with chicken Cha-shu is also featured on the menu along with variety of mini-sized rice bowls, izakaya-style appetizers, and premium beer & sake.

What to expect : Ramen

Phone number : (415) 872-9786, pick up in 15-25 mins.


Address : 1581 Webster St. Ste 235 San Francisco, CA 94115

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Gray Line is supporting the local community, we know that volunteering can be an excellent way to beat loneliness. Gray Line is with it’s community and supporting local businesses, if you want to support your local restaurants, you may order take out food or you may order for delivery, if applicable. 

Stay safe.