Why the Castro?

Without assuming too many preconceived notions as to what travelers know, or what travelers expect about this Iconic District, lets shed some light on as to why one should visit The Castro.

All are welcome, is a term thrown around today, but sadly, many who espouse this sentiment fall short of the proclamation. 

Flying high and proud, the multi-colored flag is a beacon for those who are unrepresented and misunderstood. Welcome all, here, you are not ignored, ostracized, marginalized, but rather embraced for you, however you identify.

This is something to behold and to aspire to. From restaurants, shopping, and of course nightlife, The Castro offers it all and more!

The Castro Theatre, built in 1922, this theatre maintains its original pageantry, and charm. Frescoes, velvet armchairs, organist playing prior to the curtains rise. This is an experience for all who enjoy classic films and animation. The films from yesteryear being shown, attract and welcome a very boisterous crowd. Sing along events will have you participating regardless of your age! It likens itself to the experience of the timeless interactive inventiveness of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Restaurants and night life are always available in the Castro!

If you like eye candy (food for the people watcher and sometimes voyeur), the Castro affords an abundance of menu items. You will never be bored with your afterhours experience in this rich, robust, fabulous district. Bars, cafes, or just walking through the streets will have your senses twitching in response to all the activity.

The question, of why the Castro? should be replaced with, why not the Castro?

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