San Francisco Helicopter Tour

San Francisco is notorious for its rich and vibrant city lights. Let’s take you on a tour high in the sky where you get to soak in every bright gleam that radiates off the city!

 With lights as electrifying as its history, San Francisco is one of America’s crown jewels and for good reason. As the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California – and arguably the West Coast – San Fran is a city filled with adventure and welcomes people from all different walks of life. Being one of the most diverse cities in America, culture and business seem to be their two biggest assets. This means everywhere you look in The City, you will find something fun and artsy to investigate all the while, being able to appreciate the city structures from the Downtown Metropolis that are reminiscent of everyone’s idea of a great, bustling city.

This tour is everything you get from the regular bus tours plus getting to see it from a bird’s eye view! Included are stops at the Golden Gate Bridge and accompanying Golden Gate Park, Twin Peaks, and beginning and ending in The City’s downtown Union Square where you will get to see first-hand the marriage of art, culture, and business. The guided bus tours allows time for you to get your steps in and run around the great landmarks you will stop at.

Between the gorgeous fields of flowers, view of Barbary Coast, and iconic West Coast windmills, you will feel as if these views can’t get any better. And we are going to prove you wrong!

Hop on one of Bell Jet’s helicopters to see the city from a perspective you have never imagined. San Francisco will never look the same again. With a musical composition and guided narration from your pilot in your headsets, it is designed to fit the landmarks around you and follow along with the path you’re taking from the sky. You will see everything from the glistening city lights, majestic mountain ranges, and the heavenly view of the Pacific Ocean.

If you are ready to experience San Francisco like never before, you need to check out our City Helicopter Tour to book this unforgettable experience. To book today, click on the link below to get more information!