Aquarium of the Bay – A Great Day for All

This is one of the most popular visitor attractions in the city of San Francisco and it also drives in regular crowds of locals that can’t get enough of the marine animals. Enjoy the opportunity to touch skates and bat rays and marvel in the excitement of viewing jellies, sharks, and much more. With about 20,000 marine animals housed in this one location, you’ll be able to make a full day of it and enjoy every minute of it!

Acrylic Tunnels

You’ll love the 300 feet of acrylic clear tunnels that hold about 700,000 gallons of water. You’ll be able to see firsthand what this marine wildlife does as you make your way through the tunnels. You’ll appreciate the brand-new viewpoint you’ll get of the life that goes on below the surface of the water. Here you’ll see sharks, bat rays, skates and schools of anchovies, to name a few.

Sea Lions

Visit the Sea lion Center to view the colony of permanently-established wild sea lions that have now made this area their own. Find out about the types of environmental threats that are currently affecting sea lions and learn more about their history.

Touch Pools

There are different tidepools where animals can be touched at the Aquarium of the Bay including anemones, sea stars, skates, rays and sharks. Be sure to have your camera ready when you visit this exhibit!

River Otters

These are amazingly cute and playful animals that will make your heart absolutely melt once you see them. River otters are a clear indication of the health of waterway environments so if you see one of them out in the wild in a river, you can rest assured that the water is healthy in that area.

Bay Lab

Visit to see frogs, tortoises and chinchillas! They are here at the attraction to help educate you about climate change and to teach you how it affects their habitats and habits. Find out what you can do to help these and other animals deal with the changes in climate.

This is the perfect place for individuals, couples and families to visit to get reacquainted with nature.  When you’re looking for a fun and educational outing that is certain to leave you with a smile on your face at the end of the day, this is it!

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